Vincent Andrasko Resume 2015

LOSS PREVENTION PROFESSIONAL with more than 25 years combined law enforcement and security experience with relevant, successful careers in both the public and private sectors. Background includes demonstrated successes in applying critical thinking principles to daily work tasks, special projects, and team environments to further community policing directives and private sector company goals relating to 1) overall guest, employee, and community member satisfaction 2) risk management and risk mitigation 3) safety and security awareness and 4) asset protection. Work experiences show proven abilities to act responsibly and reasonably under extreme external stress as well as during more routine day-to-day operations. A leader and visionary who possesses above average problem solving skills, attention to detail, prioritization skills, coupled with a high measure of personal integrity and accountability.




JW MARRIOTT PHOENIX DESERT RIDGE, PHOENIX, AZ                                              December 2009 to Present



Loss Prevention Supervisor

                                    Oversees the First and Second shift Loss Prevention Department shift operations for a 950 room, 80 acre resort with five to seven direct reports. Major duties include implementing and managing processes and procedures to ensure the life safety and security of all guests, visitors, and associates inside the resort during the assigned shift. Has also served several times as the resort’s Manager on Duty for the PM shift.


Two Griffin Jewel Awards in 2011 and 2012.
 Marriott Certified New Hire Trainer, Interviewer.
Attends Pre Cons for groups coming onto property for events and coordinates any security needs or issues or special lock requests. Coordinates /Liaison between the hotel and local and federal law enforcement agencies.
Supervisor of Lost and Found, two full time associates. Post con report writing for groups and events at the hotel.
Dignity Protection Detail for high-end clients, Actors/Actress, Politicians, Sports figures, members assigned Secret Service status.  The following is a detailed list of training that I conduct with all associates on        property including Loss Prevention, Engineering, Front Desk, Housekeeping etc. New Hire Training.
Chemical /Hazardous response training.  First Responders Training.
New hire’s training. Guest trapped in elevator.
Shelter in place. Robbery Procedure. Fire- Code red. Medical Emergency – Code Blue. Potential Suicide. Evacuation. Active Shooter. Missing Child / Missing Parent. Bomb Threat- Code Green. Emergencies and Disorder training. Marriott’s Bombing Global and Large Crowd Gatherings. Orientation and Loss Prevention. LSOP Event Overtime.




New York City Police Department 1986 – Retired June 2009


Detective 2nd grd  Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Strike Force Unit Manhattan

Supervise field operations.
Liaison with partner agencies, including: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), U.S. Secret Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
Coordinate tactical operations between local, state and federal agencies.
Train new agents in: physical surveillance; defensive tactics; surveillance techniques (including closed circuit television, video surveillance systems and global positioning systems); and case management including interview/interrogation and courtroom testimony.
Investigate complex international criminal organizations, to include narcotics trafficking, money laundering and homicide.
Promoted to Detective- Investigator Second Grade.
Over 620 career arrests.



Detective 3rd grd   Organized Crime Control Bureau Major Case Unit 2000-2006

                              Bronx Undercover Narcotics Unit 1996-2000               

Conducted multi-national/multi-jurisdictional investigations to identify and dismantle international drug cartels.
Supervised case management.
Dignitary Protection details                              
Assume the identity of a buyer of controlled substances; make the purchase; arrest the seller of the illegal item.
Conduct surveillance of known or suspected criminals and provide backup for other undercover officers who are making purchases of illegal items.
Develop sources of information; locate and interview confidential informants.
Visit locations frequented by criminals to determine criminal habits, associates, characteristics, aliases, and other relevant information.
Appear in court to give testimony pertaining to the facts and evidence of cases being prosecuted.
Obtain and execute search and arrest warrants needed to collect additional evidence and to arrest suspects.
Operate a surveillance vehicle and electronic and photographic surveillance equipment.
Prepare and maintain complete records of the history of each case being investigated.
Keep superiors informed of activities and findings.
Conduct complex criminal investigations in order to prevent crimes and solve criminal cases.
Interview witnesses to criminal acts, suspects, victims, informants, and others in order to obtain relevant information.
Search for evidence in a systematic manner in order to obtain sufficient legally admissible evidence to prosecute and convict the violator of criminal laws.
Examine crime scenes to gather physical evidence and other information relevant to the identification and prosecution of violators of criminal laws.
Maintain liaison with other law enforcement agencies that are assisting in investigations and providing staff to a cooperative team.



Police Officer        Police Officer Uniformed Patrol

Patrolled city streets to deter crime and assisted citizens as needed; noted suspicious persons, activities, or establishments; took action and reported the situation.
Investigated criminal or suspicious activities; secured crime scenes; gathered evidence; interviewed/interrogated witness/suspects; made arrests.
Prepared cases for court; appeared in court to present evidence and served as a witness.
Investigated and assisted at accident scenes: administered first aid as required; called for necessary assistance;
Investigated the cause and results of accidents; recommended corrective action(s) to help avoid similar future accidents.
Identified, corrected and reported public safety hazards.
Controlled traffic flow for compliance with local and state regulations: directed and re-routed traffic at fires and other disturbances; issued tickets for parking and traffic violations; authorized the tow and impoundment of vehicles as required. Prepared accurate and timely reports regarding response calls. Performed animal control for City ordinance violations and wild animals in the absence of and in conjunction with Animal Control Officer. Provided information and direction to the public; provided public with other assistance as necessary, e.g., accessing locked vehicles and homes, obtaining road side assistance with disabled cars, and other community policing activities, etc. Provided support to other Police functions such as School Resource Officer and Police Dispatchers. Booked, monitored and controlled property, ensured safety, searched and frisked inmates in holding facility. Helped trained and oversaw the work of less experienced Patrol Officers.
Consultant with the NY Times and consulting Narcotics adviser NY Times.







Consultant and Narcotics Advisor NY Times.


Security Clearances and Certifications

Top Secret Security Clearance issued by United States Department of Justice

NYPD Auto Crime School

NYPD Street Narcotics Enforcement Unit Training

NYPD Investigator Narcotics Training

NYPD Dignitary Protection Course

NYPD Criminal Investigation Course

NY/NJ High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Advanced Narcotics Investigations

NY/NJ High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Money Laundering

Department of Justice Asset Forfeiture Course

Department of Homeland Security Physical Risk Assessment Training



Iona College New Rochelle, NY- B. S. Criminal Justice

Mount Saint Michael Academy- Private High School
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